racing model cars

Halfway between the traditional models reproducing racing or street cars and real cars, the radio-controlled scale model 1 / 8 embodies the idea of an entertainment and  hobby-related modeling and the passion for the races lived somewhat close.

The Compagnucci Racing Model Cars is engaged in design and implementation of these real“scale fireballs” thanks to advanced technologies available and the experience gained through years of research and production.

Compagnucci idea was to get past the traditional concept of radio-controlled model, to approach more realistically as possible to a real car, even in scale.  With the development of this innovative idea, Compagnucci meets the the customer needs who is finally ready to use a "different" model, object of expectations and desires since a long time.

This is how the "fireballs Compagnucci" come to life with electric motorization or internal combustion.

The entirely innovative characteristics of the product, its technology and at the same time the ease of use allow the use in more different contexts, ranging from promotion to the social and humanitarian, to sports and game event. A series of racetracks, of different dimensions and developments, white and red edge slopes with which create a path according to own design complete the Compagnucci "project", providing a complete system used in many different contexts.

In reference to the above, on request of the National Federation of Athletics the "Retriever" was realized, or rather the first and only model car retriever that fully satisfies all the technical features requested by CONI and permanently solves the problem of recovery of the tools thrown such as the hammer, javelin and the discus.

The Compagnucci Division of Racing Model Cars is also a valuable promotional tool for those who are notsatisfied with the usual products and wants to use an exclusive object to better communicate their corporate image.  Autobusiness is ideal for promotional gifts with the creation of custom liveries with the logo required.


racing model cars